3 reasons your eCommerce business could benefit from outsourcing fulfilment

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Creating, maintaining and growing a successful business can involve a lot of tricky decision-making. Ensuring you’re making the right decisions for your business to flourish requires doing adequate research and consistently challenging your methods and processes to make sure they are the most effective and efficient that they can be.

One of the major dilemmas that crops up as a business is growing is whether to keep fulfilment in-house, or whether to outsource and entrust your fulfilment needs to a dedicated service provider. This is a dilemma that can seem risky at first but one that needs proper consideration.

It can often feel safer, and more familiar, to have full control over your eCommerce fulfilment by keeping it in-house. However, a greater risk is at play when holding on to such control, and this can end up deterring your business from growth and success. As your business is growing, you will need to work harder to meet the levels of demand. As this demands steadily increases, you may reach a point where you realise you can’t quite do it all on your own, in-house. At this stage, outsourcing your fulfilment is an excellent option to ensure your sales, and thus your business, continues to grow as it should.

Outsourcing fulfilment for your eCommerce business, though seemingly unnecessary or daunting at first, can be an incredibly effective and relieving step, allowing your business to blossom. Here are a number of ways that your eCommerce business could benefit from outsourcing fulfilment:

1. The risk is reduced

When weighing up your options for securing the success of your eCommerce business, it might seem like a risk to move from in-house to outsourcing fulfilment. However, the risk is more likely to be found in the decision to continue in-house fulfilment, especially as your business is growing. Without the expert service offered by dedicated fulfilment service providers, your fulfilment operations may lack in precision, speed and quality. No matter how good your product is, if a customer is not content with their order fulfilment, then your business and your brand suffers. Outsourcing your fulfilment is a safe and effective way to ensure your brand reputation stays safe by entrusting fulfilment to the experts.

2. Less capital needs to be invested

The upfront costs involved in operating in-house fulfilment can be extensive, when you take into consideration the need for warehousing, returns, managing inventory and software systems, to name just a few of the aspects required to effectively outsource your own fulfilment. These upfront costs can cause a real dent in your finances, particularly if you plan to outsource your fulfilment at some point down the line. A fulfilment service provider requires less upfront investment, with a team of staff, technology and warehousing solutions already in place, saving you on your costs in this area.

3. You can focus on growing your business

Whatever your eCommerce business provides, be it beauty products or medical items, your business exists to focus on what your business provides. Often, in the growth of business, it can be easy to fall into a trap whereby much of your time is spent dealing with aspects that, though important, are uninteresting to you, and do not serve to further allow your business to blossom. Fulfilment falls into this category for many businesses. Spending time on in-house fulfilment involves a lot of energy and time spent away from working on the core of your business. By choosing to outsource your fulfilment to a dedicated service provider, you are making the choice to leave your fulfilment and customer satisfaction in safe hands, and you also benefit massively by being able to focus on what matters and what you excel at: growing and developing your business.

It’s important when nurturing the growth of your business, not to fall into familiar habits but to make effective changes to allow your business to excel, and you to continue doing what you do best. Outsourcing your eCommerce fulfilment is a major way that you can ensure the success of your business, guaranteeing satisfied customers and the gift of time for you to focus on your business.

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