How easy is it to outsource your eCommerce fulfilment?

easy ecommerce fulfilment

When you operate and manage your own eCommerce business, you quickly learn that not all processes are simple and straightforward. Being dedicated to your business means not allowing this to put you off, however, and taking both the difficult and the easy steps in your stride.

As your business is growing, you may start to consider whether outsourcing your fulfilment is the best next step for you. When considering this, you may wonder just how difficult it is to get started with outsourcing your fulfilment. You’ll do whatever steps are necessary to continue to grow your business, but let’s face it – the less hassle, the better.

Here comes the good news. Choosing to outsource your fulfilment can actually be a really easy process.


The first step, as with most things, is to spend a little bit of time doing some research. Of course, getting specific quotes and information relevant to your business will require reaching out to different fulfilment service providers. Many have easily accessible and clear websites, with a number of contact options available. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to pick up the phone rather than send off an email or information form, then this part of the process can be completed relatively quickly. Fulfilment service providers are used to being contacted by different types of eCommerce businesses that are hoping to outsource their fulfilment, so they’ll be well equipped to handle your query and provide quotes and information.

Once you’ve gotten your quotes and a feel for each fulfilment service provider, you can take a step back and consider which provider will best suit your company’s needs. Once you have reflected, negotiated and made a final decision on which provider is the one for you, then the rest slots into place.

The Hand-Over

A good fulfilment service provider will work hard to make sure your transition to outsourced fulfilment is as pain-free as possible. What makes this transition so seamless is how little you need to be concerned over the small details. When you choose to outsource your fulfilment, your fulfilment service provider will give you a quoted price that doesn’t just include the fulfilment of orders, but also includes the price of postage and packaging, warehousing, and any additional customer support that is needed. They will carefully guide you through the process and steps needed to ensure that your products are stored in their warehousing facilities and will ensure that products make their way directly to them in the first instance for the future.

The Complete Package

Many providers will also offer customer support and after-care as part of their package to you. This makes things a whole lot easier for you as any customer feedback or issues regarding fulfilment can usually go straight to the fulfilment service provider themselves. This can then be dealt with on their end, without you having to step in at a later part of the fulfilment process to try to solve the problem.

When you decide to outsource your fulfilment and choose a reputable and reliable service provider, you end up with a service that does a lot more than simply fulfil orders. Although it may seem daunting at first, transitioning to outsourcing your eCommerce fulfilment should be a painless process, allowing you to benefit from the time, space and money saved from outsourcing this aspect of your eCommerce.

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