John Hennan


John has over 30 years experience within the logistics industry. He will ensure that you will get the best service and price that TDS can provide.

Conor O’Neill

Head of Operations

Conor likes to keep a good and progressive work flow while maintaining a strong relationship with everyone in the workplace.


Laura Matchett

Customer Care

Laura provides customer support for our clients beyond UK and Ireland. Her optimistic and enthusiastic attitude brings a spark to everyday tasks.

Gary McMullan

Warehouse Leader

Gary is the perfect guy to make sure all fulfilment is getting done in both sections of the workplaces that he leads. He has personally trained all staff to work in both positions to always ensure a steady workforce

Brendan Flood

Warehouse Operative

Brendan is a very committed worker, he prides himself in keeping everyone motivated and promoting a high performance workplace

Gerard McGuinness

Warehouse Operative

Gerard works alongside Brendan which works out to be the perfect combination. They like to put their heads together to get all orders out within the allotted time, and have a 100% fulfilment record.

Dean O’Rourke

Warehouse Operative

Dean specialises in Kit Fulfilment, which can be a delicate operation based on special requests from our customers. He would be a perfectionist when it comes to customers special requests.