Our fulfilment service is a step above the rest, we like to ensure that all clients are satisfied 100% with the service that we provide. We are in constant contact with all clients and keep them up to date on they’re stock and products with our live 24/7 accessible integrated software.

Our clients benefit from:

Accurate pick and pack with secure online portal updates on stock control
Positive staff with a high accuracy pick and pack rapport
Global fulfilment and competitive postage rates
A healthy relationship with IT, Administration and Warehouse staff
Confidence that fulfilment has been achieved with the high standards so that managers can focus on business growth/expansion

E-commerce fulfilment and storage:

We have been storing clients products and shipping them all over the world from our UK and Ireland distribution centres for many years and we believe that what we do creates a simple and easy link between you and your customers.

TDS services

Just a short brief on what we do:

• eCommerce Fulfilment – TDS integrate with eCommerce platforms to make your fulfilment run smoothly on all platforms (Shipstation, Wocommerce, Amazon eBay).

• Warehouse Storage – A total of 78,000 sq ft situated in three warehouse locations within the same business park to ensure all products are stored in a cool dry place, and covering all customers’ requirements.

• Stock Management – Our warehouses have been designed to store your goods securely with 24/7 surveillance, whether you have one product or thousands. We can create a cost-effective solution to match your fulfilment requirements.

• Order Fulfilment – We Pick, Pack, and Post YOUR products in the most professional and cost-effective manner. Professionally labelled for outward and return delivery.

• Worldwide Distribution – A portfolio of professionally executed worldwide delivery options tailored to your precise requirements. TDS are confident that we have the expertise to manage all your distribution needs Worldwide.

• Kit Fulfilment – Provides an array of pick and pack kitting services to meet your needs. From sales to marketing kits, to gift boxes and promotions.

• Brochure Fulfilment – We have a long history in the storage, order assembly and distribution of brochures going back to 1997.